Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Properly?

Having quandaries with the printer is a common problem as it’s a machine, it may definitely cause trouble to you. If you are also facing issues with your Canon printer and looking for quick and smart solutions then luckily you are here at the correct page.

The best solutions to conquer Canon printer won’t print issues will resemble easily with the help of this article only.


Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Properly?

There are some valid reasons that are leading to this trouble but before sharing those reasons we would like to clear to you that there is nothing to worry about as there are not very hilarious issues that are causing trouble to you.


So, just look below to know the reasons:

  • Sometimes due to internal troubles, the users go through with such problems.
  • The Web can be a valid cause of this issue.
  • Trapped or jammed paper inside the printer may lead to this trouble.
  • Detached wires may cause issues.
  • Enough loaded papers cause this problem.
  • An improper command may also create such kind of trouble.


You Would Be Great To Know

On your own, you can easily deal with this trouble by following the guidelines properly that are recommended below in this article.

You have to make sure to not skip any of the steps as otherwise, you will not get good results. Most people fail in solving this trouble on their own just by not following the instructions accurately.


Guide To Solve Canon Printer Not Printing Issue… 100% Effective


It’s time to share solutions with you now. All you have to do is to obey and comprehend the guidelines properly and just be confident, this is actually what takes you towards success soon.


Solution 1st: Turn The Printer Off

To overcome my Canon printer not printing properly issue what firstly you have to do is to just close the printer.


  • If the printer is connected to the Internet then kindly disconnect it.
  • If LAN wire is attached to the printer then also remove it.
  • Also, there should not be any command given to the printer. CANCEL it if you have given it.
  • Remove all the sheets from the tray of the printer.
  • No sheets should be placed in the printer for photo stating or scanning purposes.

After looking at the above-mentioned points you can turn your printer off. When it gets off just remove the plugged wire.


Solution 2nd: Look Their For The Scraps

You have to open the cover of the printer easily and then look inside the printer for any scrap or sheet that is trapped inside the printer.

As it can be small to a small piece of paper that can lead you towards the problems so kindly use flash to find the jammed paper appropriately.

FIND ANY? If you find any paper then very easily or politely take that scrap out of the printer.

Warning! Do not grab the jammed paper harshly from the printer, it can cause defects to the other parts of the printer.


Solution 3rd: Clean The Printer

Most of the time not jammed paper causes trouble but uncleanliness is a reason behind this issue. All you have to do is to just clean the printer properly from the inside too.

What Do You Need?

  • A bowl,
  • Warm water,
  • A soft piece of cotton cloth.

What To Do?

  • Just dip the piece of cloth into the warm water,
  • When it soaked the water properly, kindly squeeze it tightly.
  • And then very carefully clean the printer properly.

When you will be done with the cleaning process you have to leave your printer for drying at least for 15 to 20 minutes. You can do this process quickly by putting the printer under the fan, it will hardly take 7 to 10 minutes of yours.


Solution 4th: Look To The Ink Cartridge

Empty ink is a reasonable issue that causes Canon printer won’t print issues. You have to check that the ink is over or not. If it is finished then kindly replace it with the new one.

Even sometimes due to overheating of the printer, it causes ink leaking issues and that can maybe happen with your printer too. In such a case the leaked ink gets jammed into the printer and does not allow the ink to pass for the printing process.

canon printer

What you have to do is just clean the nozzles, printhead, ink cartridge properly. You can also use the tools that are available online or rather prefer the above-recommended way.

SUGGESTION: Using the tool will more nicely clean all the parts where ink is jammed, and also it is not too costly.


Solution 5th: Check The Connectivity

You have to cover the lid of the printer and then after that plug the wire and turn on the printer. Now you have to connect the printer to the strong WiFi connection. Kindly note some points to must be remembered:

  • Enter the correct key password.
  • There should not be any barriers between your devices.
  • No other devices should be connected with the same router.
  • If you are using LAN wire then ensure that the wire should not be damaged, if it would be then change the wire with the new one.


Solution 6th: Look For The Document

Sometimes the users face blank print pages issues or Canon printer not printing properly issues. The reason could be the wrong file you are choosing for giving the command.

Assure that the document should not be empty and will be selected as the correct one. Hopefully, this will surely solve your My canon printer not printing properly issues.


Ending With Few Words

We hope you will succeed in solving the Canon printer won’t print issue and this is actually what we are wishing for.

Now without any hurdles, you can get full access to your printer. Thank you for believing in us as your guide in resolving your problem.

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