Why Is Mice Control in Vancouver the Right Thing to Do?

If we ask you the following question, what will your answer be: Who are the most unwanted pests you want to see in your home? If your answer is mice, you are correct. The mice have found their ways to live amongst humans as unwanted guests for over centuries, and Vancouver is one of Canada’s regions that is not safe from mice infestations; hence, mice control in Vancouver is indeed a matter of concern. However, the good news is that you can trust pest control services like Pesticon pest control Vancouver to deal with the mice’s situation no matter they have invaded your residential or commercial place.

What Do the Mice Enjoy Once They Invade a Property in Vancouver?

You may have seen the famous cartoon, ‘Tom (Cat) and Jerry (Mouse)’; in which Jerry’s action seems pleasing, but in the real world, the mice are too much of a trouble. The mice relish destroying and gnawing on anything they find, such as furniture, electrical cords, wooden floors, and more. These tiny creatures are highly skilled at finding their ways to food supplies in a property. For the same reason, the mice are called ‘MUS’ in Sanskrit that means a ‘thief’. It is to be noted that the mice are usually active at night, making it a difficult job for homeowners to find and do something about them.

The Breeding Problem:-

Mice are rodents that are known for the damage that they can cause. If you don’t consider the mice control option by calling the service, such as Pesticon pest control Vancouver, the chances are that the female mouse will be giving birth to hundreds of mice in a year in your property. The interesting fact about the mice is that they can start to breed in a matter of two months, and the life span of a mouse is almost a year, whereas some mice can survive two years if they are kept as pets.

Why Is Mice Control Important?

Mice control in Vancouver should be your top-most priority if you don’t want your beloved property to become the home of unwanted pests, such as mice. There are many contagious diseases that the mice carry, and one of them is a ‘Lyme Disease’ that comes from a tick bite.

If this disease catches you somehow due to mice’s presence in your home, you may have the symptoms of headaches and fever. If the mice leave their feces on the food and you eat that unknowingly, it can lead you to suffer from food poisoning. What else can be caused if you eat such contaminated food? The other health problems include asthma, renal failure, and lesions. Hopefully, you have realized now that the mice may seem cute at first sight, but in reality, they are dangerous creatures.

What Can You Do for Mice Control?

Here are a few things that you can do to control mice from destroying your home or office:

  1. Seal Open Holes and Close Doors: The mice like to burrow and uncover it comfy to make a shelter for themselves in warm places. If there are any open holes or hollow spaces in your property, you should use concrete to close such openings. You may also use screens to block off open pipes and drainage areas to tackle the mice. Doors in your property must be properly and tightly closed. Doing this will help you prevent more mice from invading your property and dealing with the ones already inside.
  1. Seal Garbage Bins Tightly: If there are leftover or garbage for disposalthe property representatives should ensure that their garbage bins are tightly sealed with a plastic container.
  1. Sanitization Can Help Too: If your property is clean from dirt and things are in order, it will hard for the mice to survive. Also, make sure you remove food crumbs if you don’t want to see the mice on your property.

Pest Control Gadgets:-

You can invest in pest control gadgets, such as a snap trap to hurt the mice and then throw them away from your property. If the gadgets don’t help you, you should take the help of a professional pest control service like Pesticon pest control Vancouver.


The mice are undoubtedly the most annoying pests, so mouse control in Vancouver becomes vital if you see the mice’s signs in your home or office. The most relishing things for the mice during the infestation is damaging the things that they come across. One of the mice’s biggest problems is that they can breed quickly. They also spread contagious diseases; thus, controlling them always remains essential. Some of the common things that you can do to control mice are as follows:

  1. Seal the openings.
  2. Seal garbage bins with plastic containers.
  3. Keep your property clean.
  4. Buy a mice control gadget.

To sum up, it’s better to call the pest control professionals to deal with the mice on your own to avoid any difficulties in getting your property clear from these invaders.

You can feel free to contact Pesticon Canada ( to deal with pests, a pest control company that is an expert at pest control, including rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, and wild animals plus more in Vancouver.

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