Which One is Better For Android APP Development JAVA or KOTLIN


What’s Java? Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. Applications or online programs are developed by using Java will perform in a JVM (Java virtual machine). Through JVM, you can achieve the same program on several systems/devices and platforms, etc.

As for Kotlin, it’s a new programming language through which you can easily control some modern features. Also, it’s a static type of language. Many developers consider Kotlin as their first preference to develop server-side applications. It allows users to write expressive and concise code.

What is Kotlin?

Programmers from IDE JetBrains developers introduce a new programming language, Kotlin, to handle some modern features in an application. Kotlin was launched in 2011, and the world knew about it officially in 2016, it’s an open-source language.

Also, it’s a statically typed programming language like C++, Java-based on JVM. You compile it with Android, JavaScript, and Native to build code and run it on iOS. Kotlin is entirely compatible with current Java stacks and a curve of smooth learning.  

Switching programming language to Kotlin is relatively easy; all you need is to install a plugin. At the time of the Google I/O keynote, the developers announced that they’d make Kotlin an official support language for app development (Android). 

What is Java?

Java? Well, Java is a programming language; it was introduced and came into usage in 1995. This language was created at sun microsystems, which were later developed by Oracle. When you want to run a Java program on a browser, you must use Java applets because it’s embedded as a plugin (not suggested).

Most developers use Java for back-end development or standalone applications. James Gosling designed Java, and its initial implementation was OpenJDK. When it’s about to develop an Android application, many developers’ primary choice is Java.

Java vs. Kotlin – In Terms of Performance

In terms of performance comparison, there is no consistent and measurable difference between Java and Kotlin. But this debate is ongoing, and there’s a lot to learn about both the programming language. Kotlin is popular for producing byte-code, which is similar to Java byte-code. Therefore, both the languages are considered to be providing identical performance. The scenario is somehow different when it’s about full and partial builds.

In the case of full builds, Java is the faster programming language. Its compilation speed rate is 13 percent compared to Kotlin, but in the incremental compilation, Kotlin has the lead. When it comes to cleaning the entire build, Kotlin lags behind Java.

Advantages of Kotlin Vs. Java

The first version of Java was introduced 20 years ago, so the Java programming language has a reputation among all the others. If you look at Kotlin, you’ll find it among the modern languages that can support every language design expertise because it focuses on modern features.

Many developers are still unclear about whether one of the programming languages is better than one another. Well, to help android app development company choose the most suitable language, below are the benefits of which can help them know better;

  1. Better Conciseness

When you compare Java with Kotlin, you’ll find Kotlin concise in many cases. It helps developers solve various complex problems with coding. This expands the maintainability and readability of code.

Engineers can modify and read codes more effectively and efficiently. Features like smart classes, properties, casts, and type inference deliver excellent support to accomplish better conciseness.

  1. Safe and Secured

So, which one of Java and Kotlin is safer? The simple answer is Kotlin. It helps developers avoid common mistakes in programming, which can cause a chance of system failure and application crashes. While using Java, a specific error may occur frequently. These scenarios push the developer to consider Kotlin to overcome the problem with coding and become efficient enough to write error-free and strong codes.

  1. Better Supporting Functional Programming

With easy functional programming, developers are capable of resolving them. Java 8 offers ease with functional programming, but with Kotlin, you can level up the programming game. Kotlin allows developers to use functional concepts more concisely and explicitly with a different type of functions. You can have better performance through in-lining, but currently, it’s not possible in Java.

  1. Efficient Speed for Everyday Tasks

Kotlin provides various features, and these features can facilitate everyday development tasks. In this scenario, Java lacks. Efficient speed and other features involve extension functions, object declarations, default parameters, and much more. Kotlin and features help you speed up the development procedure. It enables you to maintain codebase tasks.

  1. Decreases Errors and Bugs

With Kotlin, you can run checks several times through the compiler. This efficient compiler helps you identify potential runtime bugs and errors immediately. It also allows you to reduce the cost and effort of error fixes.

  1. Appearance and Quality

Reduce your technical debt to a specific extent by adopting Kotlin. Technical debt is like a dead weight that develops carry with them. It has an option for shortcuts in a programming language; you can use it to complete it before any project deadline.

This can affect the future android app development process and become the cause of decreasing productivity of employees. However, there are few lines of coding in Kotlin, but it provides high-quality, error-free programs. When you compare Kotlin with Java, you’ll witness that the coding in Kotlin is easier to maintain.

  1. Developers’ Favorite

Several developers prefer Kotlin because the performance and all the advanced features of Kotlin satisfy them. It’s an easy-to-maintain and easy-to-do programming language code with no space for errors/bugs. Kotlin helps developers to be more efficient and productive at their job.

  1. Level-Up the Skills

As the world is digitally transforming, many business sectors embrace mobile apps to connect with their customers. This means that the industry of IT (information technology) requires the skill set to help businesses.

Being an engineer, if you learn the Kotlin programming language, it will benefit you in various ways. Java developers can understand and learn Kotlin more rapidly because they are quite similar. Kotlin’s language and compiler makes an app extraordinary.

  1. Support for Developers

The Kotlin developer community is thriving and supportive. It’s a highly responsive community that helps developers connect with others quite seamlessly. Once they successfully connect with each other, they can ask relevant queries and share their expertise.

So, why use Java vs. Kotlin? Well, the advanced features and easy-to-use nature of Kotlin make it a developer’s first choice.


There are various features in both Java and Kotlin; we can compare them as much as we want to. But why not hire experts to ease the burden? Cubix is a well-known android app development company with more than hundreds of successful projects around the world.

There are experienced and expert app developers who understand each business’s requirements and suggest the best suitable solution. Whether it’s Kotlin or Java, you get the right expert for the job.

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