Traveling throughout The Netherlands in style

Interested to travel to The Netherlands as your next holiday? We can imagine that the current situation makes the wandering about your next holiday background music. But, on the other hand, it is always nice to plan and think ahead. Would The Netherlands be something that you can enjoy? The country is rich in history and art, filled with charming streets and museums. The infrastructure is perfect and you can travel by car, bus, and train.

What to do when visiting The Netherlands?

There are many cities that are beautiful and typically Dutch. You should not miss the charming canals in Amsterdam, as well as the modern skyline of Rotterdam. Looking for more natural and nice views? Kinderdijk is a famous location that has a long row of old-fashioned Dutch windmills. However, this location and other natural parks are quite hard to reach with public transport. Renting a car would make it easier to travel around.

How to rent a car in The Netherlands?

Renting a car in The Netherlands can help you reach these places through the well-equipped Dutch infrastructure. You can start when you rent a car at Eindhoven airport. This airport is in the south of The Netherlands and offers cheap airplane tickets compared to its larger brother Amsterdam Schiphol airport. You can also have a car rental at Schiphol airport, but these are usually more expensive. This makes sense when you compare the accompanying costs of real estate and wages in the northern part.

Rent a car Eindhoven airport

When you arrive at Eindhoven airport, you can immediately start your holiday. There are special valet services that you can utilize, making it hassle-free to travel. Once you walk outside of the airport, your car will be waiting for you at the entrance. After checking the car with the rental company, you can start driving through the country.

Traveling to Belgium

Another advantage of rent a car at Eindhoven airport is the location near Belgium. When you travel here, you can go to both The Netherlands and Belgium within one holiday. For example, you can decide to go to Rotterdam to see the skylines and then go back to Eindhoven via the Belgian city of Antwerp. When doing so, you can experience multiple perspectives and cityscapes.

Traveling to The Netherlands does not only come with appealing nature, cities, history, and art. The infrastructure is well-equipped with nice roads and natural reserves. You can drive off and see nice parks and visit historical sites. When you have a rental car in Eindhoven, you can also decide to go to Belgium and see what the neighboring country has to offer. Before you start your travel, make sure to do a good check on the pricing and options. There are a lot of nice options available at both Amsterdam Airport and Eindhoven for competitive prices. 

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