Top 11 Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

Top 11 Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

Google reviews are essential for the growth of any local businesses. Customers tend to compare your business with others in your area, and the reviews are the best way to understand if the business or company is trustworthy or not. Besides reputation, Google reviews also impact the ability to acquire customers through ranks.

Students look at the star rating before even clicking on a product. It helps the customers see if other people like the product or have any problems related to the product. 

Google has changed the way it operates online. They have several tools that help the customers get through a web search and make proper decisions before even visiting the businesses’ website. By reading the Myassignmenthelp reviews, the customers can call the business to check the SERP pictures and location. Google reviews form the deciding factor for local businesses. By reading positive online reviews, more people will call and check the websites. You will increase local SEO ranking by acquiring plenty of positive reviews on your Google My Business (GMB) listing. 

We will share the best 10 ways you can get real Google reviews.

1. Educate customers on leaving an impactful review

You can leave a printout at the front desk or create a blog post or page on a website that includes instructions on how customers can leave a Google review. Many people do not even know how to leave a review which stops them from creating genuine Google review.

2. Ask away

Often the easiest way to get more reviews is by asking the customers. There are times when customers, despite having a satisfactory experience, do not think about going back to the page to leave a review. It will be playing like a reminder that the company or business deserves a good online review of their satisfaction towards the good and services. There are various websites like that directly asks reviews to gain more customers.

3. Make good use of Google My Business Marketing Kit

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If you want to leave an imprint of your business in Google, you must use the Google My Business Marketing Kit website, which will help you create, download and print personalized marketing materials. These assets will help turn your reviews and business information into ready-to-use stickers, social posts, and other collateral pieces. This will help you with promoting your business in the real digital world.

4. Design a good landing page to encourage Google reviews

Create an innovative landing page to encourage customers for sharing their experiences on your services. 

After you are done with setting up the page, you must identify key touchpoints that will drive your page’s customers. Further, you will be able to share the link to the page across your social media profiles. This will leave a friendly reminder to the customers in post-transactional situations.

If you want to make the most out of the landing pages, make sure you use survey forms, reputation management software and a review widget. It will encourage people to leave more feedback, and you will collect valuable data from each review.

5. Keep your customers happy

The most effective and fundamental way to achieve Google reviews consistently provides superior quality products and services to the customers. You need to ensure that you do not give the customers a scope to leave online negative reviews. The more they are happy, the better outcome your business will receive.

6. Use the power of email

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Email is the best tool for generating effective customer feedback. Make sure that you keep the message short and authentic. While you do that, avoid sugar coating or beating under the bush for making them leave an online review for your business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking people to leave reviews that can help future customers. Also, offer a short link to your GMP listing. It will save valuable time for the customers and will make the process of leaving feedback much easier.

7. Create a Google review link shortcut

Google comes with a tool designed to create a shortcut link, allowing users to directly access the Business profile review section. Here are a few steps you need to follow for creating a Google review shortcut link for the business:

  • At first, go to Google Maps Place ID Finder.
  • Write your business name in the search option.
  • Copy the place ID which comes with the result
  • Paste the place ID within the bracket of the link: [pate your place ID]

8. Show how quick and easy it is to leave a review

Customers might have a hard time sharing their overall experience into a single review. People have a hard time articulating everything they have on their mind. You can make the process much simpler for the customers.

  • You can ask them to leave a star rating instead of writing anything.
  • You can create different categories for star ratings.
  • Ask them to write a review in one or two sentences.

9. Give a quick response

Whether it is negative or positive, you should always show that you value customer’s opinion by responding to them. Thank them for saying anything positive and promise them for solving their problems for negative feedback.

10. Create Google review surveys

Create a survey that includes a list of questions that helps you understand what the customers think about your products or services. This also shows that you value their feedback, and you have their best interests in mind.

11. Ask Google reviews from vendors and partners

The vendors and partners who are part of businesses can get reviews based on their work with you. You can also write reviews for their business in return.

Wrapping up,

 As long as you keep the strategies in mind, nothing can stop you from improving your business’s Google rank. More importantly, you should always take customer feedback seriously. Your Google reviews will catch the attention of many customers. This is very important to improve the Google rank of your business.

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