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But why do web developers need a web framework for their projects? Because the framework works with resources like plugins and libraries, making web development a steady sailing process. It also helps various web developers to do work at a very low cost.

Points of difference between angular vs. flutter

For many years, angular is the most preferred and opted choice for web developers for developing apps. But as flutter has come into this world, it’s giving competition to angular. Almost on all mobile applications and web development articles, you will get only two names, which are flutter and angular. But if you want to choose one, which to choose for your company?

Below we have formulated the key difference between both, which helps you in making your decision easier.

Composition – If we consider architecture and functionality basis, then

Angular – It creates web applications with

● Data binding

● Type components

● Provider components

● Dependency injections

● Service components

● Filter components

Flutter – Whereas flutter uses 4 components for designing web app, which are

● Flutter engine

● Data platform

● OS design specific widgets

● Foundation library


Origin –   

Angular – When talking about the origin, it’s the first web application that comes and becomes popular among web developers. It has a mixed app development framework that uses typescript languages and HTML configuration for building web applications and mobile applications. If you want to originate an app on iOS or Microsoft OS, angular is the best framework. But if I want to run the application on various platforms, then using angular might be a complicated scenario.

Flutter – Flutter framework was launched in 2015 by Google. It’s a cross-web development platform that can give you a long-term solution to your startup. Through flutter, you can create a web application for multiple platforms. It’s the most convenient solution for creating an ideal framework for cross-platform functionalities. You can launch a web app using a single programming language with a single codebase for multi-platform segments.

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