Studying Knives – What Is The Point Of A Karambit?

For anyone who is onto blades, there are so many things that you can explore. Knives are endlessly fascinating and incredibly handy. It would be strange to imagine a time when we didn’t have sharp tools in our lives. But that is all the more reason why you can always find one knife that takes care of all odd jobs. Speaking of which, it would be plausible to question if all blades are meant to be functional? While the answer to that is, yes, all kinds of blades can cut and are very sharp, some are unique. Karambit blades are one of those blades that would make you wonder what they actually do. 

Basically, like many other blades, the karambit knife has also traveled through many cultures. It was said to have originated in Central Asia where it was known as the tiger claw. It was also an official weapon in the Indonesian army where it was also called the eagle blade. The karambit is a curved edge knife that resembles a large claw, hence the names. It has a sharper inner edge and a very pointed blade that can rip and slash quite mercilessly.

The Characteristics and Uses Of The Karambit 

If you are a knife enthusiast you can appreciate the different qualities of knives you get. That is definitely the case with a karambit knife as it is a distinct blade that’s quite unusual. There are actually many things that the curved blade knife allows you to do that other blades wouldn’t. 

  • Firstly, karambits work really well as agricultural tools. They work like sickles so they have a sharper inner end. They can be used for hacking weeds off the farm as well as sowing new ones. You can also harvest the crops once they are ready and can be cut down. That would automatically also entail that karambits are pretty useful for gardening as well. 
  • Since they are sharper blades they come in handy while you’re hunting. They have a drop-point edge that works for hunting animals as well as butchering them. The edge helps in cleaning the scales off a fish or skinning the hide of a larger animal. The blade is also potent for cutting the meat and prepping it after you’re done hunting.
  • While it would be strange to use a karambit for cooking and cutting, they’re ideal for camping. In the woods when you have limited resources you need something more robust. The karambit can hack wood for kindling to build fires and cut the rope for making tents. They can also be used for keeping wild animals away when you are staying in the forest. 
  • If a karambit can be useful in the wilderness, it will probably also be useful for survival training. Astronauts, CIA agents, soldiers, and adventure junkies go through proper survival training. That includes sourcing food and water, building some form of shelter, and keeping safe. You can’t brave the elements without having at least one trusty blade with you. 
  • Evidently, all knives work really well as self-defense blades, but karambits are a class apart. You can imagine if a blade is good enough or the army, it’s good enough for personal safety. If you want to keep a knife with you, karambits are ideal for fending off any danger. Be it human or animal, the slashing blade gives you a chance to hurt and scare away your attacker. 

Types Of Karambit Blades To Look For 

If you have been using a karambit blade you already know what it is capable of. If you haven’t used it before, there is so much you can explore with them, from design to functionality. When you peruse the market, there are unique types of karambit you will come across. 

  • The most traditional kind would be the fixed blade karambit knife in the market. As the name suggests, this knife has its blade firmly embedded into its handle. You will find this version to be more suited to farming and hunting. The more robust a blade it, the more grunt work it can do for you and that’s what you need. There are also larger sizes available in this category depending on the work you want to do.
  • The more recent version is the one that has caught the eye of survivalists and collectors. The assisted opening karambit knife is a more complex and modern version. It has a spring mechanism that allows the blade to flip open with a switch. This karambit is swift and incredibly useful when you have a single blade to rely on. You will find both manual-folding and switchblade varieties in this karambit for easy usage. One of the most interesting designs in this version is the karambit butterfly knife. The double handles close over the blade and protect it from wear and tear. You can also flip it either way and use it to your convenience without freeing your hands.

Buying The Best Karambit For Varied Use

Whether you use them for all your complicated tasks or you like to collect them, karambits are great blades. They are versatile and they also have a very contemporary look despite being so iconic and historic. Karambits are definitely high on the list of cool knives everyone would like to get their hands on. If you also want to find the best karambit, you can scout for them in your local knife stores.

But despite their high functionality and supreme design, many people shy away from using them. In that case, you might have limited options in your local stores. If so, you can always look online to find what you’re looking for. Luckily, there is a whole collection of karambit knives you will find in online stores. One of the best sources for high-quality knives is Knife Import. They are the premium dealers of wholesale knives that have every blade you would ever need. You can find the most amazing karambit knives here and that too at half price. With the same quality as your market products but more variety and less price, this is the place to be. 

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