To begin with, practically every industry is experiencing and witnessing an increased and significant shift in the development area as a result of the current IT technology boom.

Secondly, current technological breakthroughs and improvements are set to astound you with fresh, unique, and even fascinating features.

The mobile industry is observing and accepting that it is going through the biggest technological improvements this year.

iOS mobile development trends are important in the same way that mobile technology trends are important every now and then.

With the total number of iOS apps approaching 2 million, staying up to date on the latest iOS application development trends has become the norm in the developer community.

According to the most recent data, there are approximately 4 million apps available for consumers. The numbers are staggering to consider, and for users, this implies that there is a list of apps to explore for practically any reason they may encounter.

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From the developer’s perspective, the more the number of apps in the app store, the more they need to stay up with current trends.

Latest iOS app development trends

When it comes to the development side of the mobile app business, the iOS platform, in general, is seen as playing a key role.

Let us now find out what are the top iOS app development trends to watch for in 2021 and beyond.


1. AR and VR

In the era of virtual reality and augmented reality, iOS app development is very crucial.

As a developer, you can now concentrate on creating real-time and intuitive applications that will improve and enrich the enriched user experience.

This will be feasible thanks to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which are the two technology sector verticals that will be the next key and crucial iOS app trend in 2021.


2. Implementing Swift 5

Swift is the next trend on the list of iOS mobile app trends. It is Apple’s official language and the programming language used to create iOS apps. It has aided numerous iOS developers in making their fantasies a reality.

According to the most recent data, the Apple App Store now has over 300,000 apps created in Swift. The properties of this programming language, such as scalability, flexibility, security, and efficiency, are the reason for its popularity.

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3. Better App Security

Apple’s embedded features for iOS app developers are known for providing complete protection and safety of users’ data in the app.

It was a major source of concern for iOS app developers who wanted to keep hackers from collecting and exploiting any personal information that app users might have.

Developers and programmers can now integrate and use ATS with the release and announcement of iOS 14.


4. Wearables and IoT

iOS app developers are focusing and concentrating their efforts on the latest technology in order to produce apps that revolutionize the industry, thanks to the iPhone’s ever-increasing popularity and exponential growth.

Smartphones with IoT-enabled iOS apps will be able to link with smart wristwatches, bands, and a variety of other wearable devices with ease. They’re doing it to make data sharing and transmission easier.

Apple just released its new HomeKit platform, which allows users to make use of IoT’s technology-driven improvements.

IoT integration into iOS applications is already benefiting customers and various consumers in industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and logistics.


5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology will undoubtedly and without a doubt govern the development industry in the year 2021. When you connect the CoreML framework with your iOS, you’ll have the power of machine learning.

CoreML will soon be the de facto standard for modifying and personalizing your iOS app development process in order to produce cutting-edge apps.


6. Cloud integrated apps

This year, cloud technology promises to open up a slew of new possibilities for iOS app developers. Cloud integration is a technological area that benefits both users and app developers.

ios app development trend

For development and creation, iOS developers can use and use the cloud platform, making it faster and much simpler. For getting in depth knowledge and expertise check out Intellipaat Cloud computing course.

App scalability, cost reduction, and security are just a few of the advantages that cloud integration deliver to the iOS app development industry.


7. iBeacon Technology

Apple’s iBeacon Technology is another cutting-edge technology that will be a hot topic in iOS app development in 2021. Users can send signals utilizing Bluetooth technology using beacon stands or wireless transmitters.

After the connection is established, the user’s iPhone receives a push notification with a custom message. You can see this website for hire the best iPhone developer for the implementation of the iBeacon Technology.

Let’s take a look at this technology through the lens of an easy-to-understand example. Let’s pretend your potential buyer is walking past a restaurant. iBeacon sensors will be activated as soon as clients pass by the shop.

The user will receive immediate information about fresh and exciting deals on foods and drinks they might be interested in.


8. Chatbots

Chatbot technology has taken the customer service world by storm in a variety of businesses. Chatbots guarantee and accept that they will provide you with several perks and advantages.

They are available to consumers and users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When your business app can quickly respond to consumer inquiries while on the go.

They are able to make purchasing selections more quickly.


9. Apple Pay

This ultimate Mobile Wallet will be the next iOS trend you will notice this year. iOS developers and programmers have made the payment process smoother, faster, and faster by integrating payment gateways with Apple Pay.


10. Enterprise Development

One of the most important developments in recent history will be the development of enterprise apps. It provides a wide range of production levels as well as the potential to improve security.

With this new trend, iOS app developers and programmers can expand their extremely scalable businesses.


Final words

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of current mobile app development trends and how iOS will play a key part in future mobile app markets.

Before deciding which OS to start with, every app developer should thoroughly research these factors. Cross-platform apps are a terrific substitute, but bespoke apps are the only way to go in some niche sectors.

ios app development trend

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