How Web Development Can Change The Things Forever

It should not be a surprise that now we have technology taken over everything. We can not imagine our lives now without it. There is absolutely nothing that can not be achieved now with technology. This age belongs to the new discoveries that enable us to get our tasks done quite efficiently. There are different types of technologies available nowadays and one of the most prominent is computers.

Computers have been there with us for quite some time now and they have evolved pretty much. Nowadays there are multiple types of computers available that help us to interact on the world wide web.

There are a lot of things that can be done on a computer and one of them is web development. Web development has been increasing a lot. A lot of businesses, firms, companies, organizations, and even startups are having their websites build.

They have realized the worth of having an online presence. This way they can engage and attract more customers. Also, in this tough market where everyone sells a similar thing and provides a similar service, you must walk the extra mile for the customers to choose you. A well-made website helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Getting To Know Web Development

So what is web development or what does a web development company does? Web development is a process of building websites and web applications that we run on our internet browser for instance “GOOGLE”. This is a complex process that requires coding both on the front end and on the back end.

We are going to discuss the front end and back end as well. The websites are different from the applications that are downloaded only once and then run on our system as a standalone application. Once the website is made it is then brought to the internet and only then it can be used. We do not download it on our system but we can use it according to its functionality.

The websites nowadays are very well optimized. This means that you can easily open a particular website on a computer and a phone. Its functionality will stay the same. There are 3 (three) main building blocks that are very important in web development. HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. These are the languages that are used to make a fully functional website. 

Front End Web Development

It is the part from which the user interacts with. Everything that you see on the web is the front end. We do not know how the work is being held behind the screen. This is also called a “client-side development”. All the functionalities that the user performs are dealt with on the front end. The front end can include 

  • Navigation bar
  • Buttons
  • Progress Bars
  • Headers
  • Links
  • Scroll bar
  • Images
  • Cards
  • Carousels 
  • Forms
  • Content

These are the things that we usually see on the front of any website. As there are a lot of users who do not belong to a technical background it is sometimes difficult for them to understand the working of the website. It is the responsibility of the front end developer to design the front end in the way that the user experience is improved and the end-user quickly adapts to the functionality of the website.

Back End Web Development

This type of web development deals with all the things that happen behind the scenes. The back-end development happens at the place that the end-user doesn’t see. There the databases are linked to the front end to make sure the functionality is not affected in any way. Relatively, the back end is much more complicated than the front end. All the data which is required at the front end or the data which is given as an input at the front end is managed by the back end. This is why the back end and front end must be on the same page.

A Career In Web Development

A career in web development can be promising. After the recent events when the first global lockdown was imposed we saw a lot of businesses being shut down and a lot of people losing their jobs. The industry which was affected the least was IT. The people employed in the web development sector worked remotely from their homes and got the job done. This field has a lot to offer and there is massive growth. If the required skillset is there then a career in web development can do wonders for you.

ConclusionWith every passing day, the demand for websites is increasing as well. A web development company takes orders from various clients and get their websites ready. The process of web development can be lengthy and complex which is why only the professionals from the relevant field can handle it.

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