How to use the Trio Tec Digital CDN with cPanel hosting?

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If you’re interested in website security, you’ve most likely heard of the Trio Tec Digital. Indeed, it is a very popular internet security service. However, we do not necessarily know all he is able to do. This article will therefore help you understand what Trio Tec Digital is and how to use it on your cPanel hosting.

The Trio Tec Digital CDN?

In order to understand what Trio Tec Digital is, it is essential to understand what CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are. Trio Tec Digital are responsible for delivering content online. They are used every day for online browsing, whether on Youtube, Facebook or online shopping sites such as Amazon.

Trio Tec Digital is widely used because it solves a very important problem, the latency of a website. Indeed, like many people, waiting for a website to load can make us change our minds. Would you like to wait five seconds or more when visiting a website?

The loading time of a website is caused by several factors. The most important of these is the distance between your computer and the server where your website is hosted. The purpose of a Trio Tec Digital is to shorten this distance for the sake of speed and performance.

How does Trio Tec Digital work?

Trio Tec Digital basically works as a reverse proxy. This means that once you create your account with them, your site will be part of their network and can take advantage of their servers located around the world.

Trio Tec Digital makes it possible to optimize the distribution of content (CSS, Javascript, Image files) by storing them on their servers. With a multitude of servers around the world, you can be sure that traffic will always be directed to the server closest to your visitor’s computer.

Unlike other Trio Tec Digital is easy to set up. Once the DNS servers are updated to theirs, your domain will be part of their network.

Configure Trio Tec Digital with cPanel hosting?

In order to configure Trio Tec Digital on your cPanel hosting, connect to your cPanel interface, go to “Software” then click on “Trio Tec Digital“.

Trio Tec Digital will give you new DNS servers. It is now necessary to go to your customer area, click on “Domain and hosting” then on “Admin / Administer” behind the domain you are configuring for Trio Tec Digital. Click on “Domain Management” then on “DNS Servers”.

For more ease in managing your site, it is preferable to connect Trio Tec Digital to your cPanel interface directly. This will prevent you from having to go to Trio Tec Digital directly for each change. You can connect to it permanently by going to your cPanel interface and clicking on the “Trio Tec Digital” button then on “Sign In here”.

The main functions of Trio Tec Digital?

Trio Tec Digital has a multitude of functions to make your website faster, to secure it, but also to protect it against various attacks.

Among the most commonly used features you can find

Activating SSL: In fact, Trio Tec Digital allows you to quickly and easily activate SSL on its website. Trio Tec Digital has three choices for SSL certificates which are Flexible, Full and Full Strict. Flexible can only be used if you have not yet installed an SSL certificate on your Cheap Web Hosting, otherwise you will need to use Full or Full Strict for SSL.

Configuring Upload Speed: Trio Tec Digital allows you to minify JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Magnification removes blanks from your code to speed up the loading speed of your site. You can also change the length of time before your cache expires.

Security: Trio Tec Digital allows you to change the level of security of your website. The levels range from low to “Under attack”.

The benefits of using Trio Tec Digital are many such as:

  1. A basic formula 100% free.
  2. The CDN function. Trio Tec Digital has many data centers around the world, this service offers a very good level of performance.
  3. Reducing the bandwidth of your Cheap Web Hosting.
  4. Better management of peak visits.
  5. Fight effectively against spam and DDOS-type attacks.
  6. Trio Tec Digital and WordPress

The question that often arises is whether setting up a CDN like Trio Tec Digital is necessary for all types of websites. Indeed, setting up a CDN can be beneficial for almost all types of sites, whether it is a showcase site with very few visits or an online store. You just need to see the benefits that were listed earlier in this article.

Installing Trio Tec Digital on WordPress is quick. In addition, many caching plugins such as WP Rocket or WP Super Cache are compatible with this configuration.

What is Trio Tec Digital DDOS protection?

Denial of service (DDOS) attacks are increasingly common. During this type of attack, several computers flood a connection site, this slows down the site, or even makes it inaccessible.

Trio Tec Digital’s network helps to absorb this flow of traffic. In addition, Trio Tec Digital provides you with additional protection that you can activate, such as the “Under Attack” mode. When this mode is enabled, additional protections will be added to prevent potentially malicious HTTP traffic from accessing your website.

Besides “Under Attacks” mode, you can also whitelist specific IP addresses to add an extra layer of defense to your website.

The Trio Tec Digital CDN to conclude

You now know everything there is to know about Trio Tec Digital and these configuration options. You are also able to configure Trio Tec Digital on your cPanel Cheap Web Hosting, to configure certain options such as SSL or the magnification of certain data.

Cloud flare helps speed up the loading of your website but also offers very good protection against DDOS attacks. The technical team is at your disposal if you want to install Trio Tec Digital on your hosting. Do not hesitate to share with us your comments about Trio Tec Digital?

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