How to Make the Most of a Gaming Trip to Niagara

For as long as anyone can remember Erie’s citizens have made the hallowed trip to the famous Niagara Falls, either to contemplate the majestic power of nature or to enjoy the surrounding entertainment and natural beauty spots on offer.

With the area around the falls always in a state of flux, we thought we would give readers an overview of what’s hot today, so you and your friends can better plan your next trip.

Hop on a Wine Tour

Many visitors to the falls tend to remain firmly rooted in the town of Niagara, enjoying the draw of casinos they can’t find on their own side of the border as well as being understandably hypnotized by the gushing falls themselves.

However, it is a crying shame to visit Niagara and not walk down the river in the direction of Lake Ontario, because on the way you will find some excellent wineries set among the particularly scenic countryside.

One of the best ways to do this is by bicycle, many of which can be rented in town, with some even having electric motors for those of your group whose legs are not quite what they used to be.

There are even specialist cycle paths designed to get you to and from the best wineries. Added bonuses along the way are the stunning views of the river, as its waters recover after having been hurtled over the falls.

Gaming Centers

Of course, one of the overriding reasons that US visitors to the falls hop over the border for their stay is to take advantage of the huge array of gaming possibilities that the region offers.

If you have never been to a casino before there is no reason to be nervous because there are plenty of online resources ready show you the etiquette and lingo involved, although one sure-fire way to blend in is to get a little more dressed up than you would for a standard night out.

Some of the best casinos also have hotel rooms with incredible views of the falls, with the best being the Hilton Niagara and the Fallsview. Staying in one of those will allow you to relax to the fullest as they offer spacious rooms and enticing restaurant menus.

Heading into the Falls

While there are plenty of things to do away from the falls, of course, it is hard not to be drawn towards every aspect of this incredible natural spectacle.

Luckily, there are opportunities to see the falls from every possible angle. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Maid of the Mist boat, which consistently ferries thousands of plastic-clad people a day into the very maw of the watery beast. The experience is not cheap, but then many of the best things in life never are and this really is the closest you will get to the rampaging rapids.

The next best thing to the Maid of the Mist is the Cave of the Winds Tour, which allows you to get just as close as you would by boat, but without your feet having to leave dry land. Just remember to take your rain jacket, because getting soaked is to be expected.

Fine Dining

A full day of cycling to wineries and getting drenched by the falls can often leave guests famished, but luckily there are plenty of high-quality local eateries to enjoy.

For excellent Italian food, there is the Como Restaurant, a place steeped in four generations worth of culinary tradition that offers some of the most delicious meals in town.

Meanwhile, for bargain-priced home-cooked Thai cuisine, you will not do much better than Mai Thai Cuisine, whose sharing platter is famous among locals and tourists alike.

As you can see, there’s so much more to do here besides visiting the falls, so if you’re already here, don’t miss out on any of them.

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