How to buy rugs from online rug stores

Are you trying to discover options online, to remodel some specific areas of your home? If you are looking for some stylish indoor or outdoor accessories for your living space, wait and think about it. Home accessories are supposed to be more than just stylish. Let’s not beat around the bush, when it’s something as specific as rugs, you should know how to look for rugs from online rug stores. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind while buying a rug from online stores. Rugs are not just a pretty patterned luxury or a feel-good thing in a house. It is also a long-time investment that you don’t do on a casual basis. For a product as tactile as a rug, it’s difficult to purchase it online without feeling and smelling the texture. To serve this purpose you should avoid some blunders to make it an intelligent and longer-lasting investment. Moving onto the real debate let’s talk about some initial steps before choosing the rug from online rug stores.

  1. Preset your priorities
  2. Measurement is the key
  3. Line count
  4. Categories of rugs
  5. Preset your priorities:

While considering buying a rug online set your priorities right. You must make your mind that for what purpose or to cover which area you need that rug. Small and specific rugs are being crafted to serve both indoor and outdoor purposes. You should consider your preference before doing the purchase. As requirements vary from usage to the area in which it is installed.

  1. Measurement is the key:

Rugs are supposed to fit in a particular area so try not to confuse them with the carpets. When you are looking for a floor essential like rugs be very specific and authentic about the measurement of the area that you wish to cover. Rugs demand a perfect fit and it becomes difficult when it is not properly measured. Avoid measuring wall-to-wall lengths and directly mark the area of the placement. Make sure you do accurate measurements before checking for the sizes at online rug stores.

  1. Line count:

Line counts are usually mentioned by the online rug stores so that you may have the right idea of what you are dealing with. As the line counts or knots go up and the rug gets thicker, the quality of the rug material increases per square inch. It does get expensive with more line counts but it guarantees its reliability. In this case, go for the smaller rugs rather than the larger ones and make sure that it’s thicker and rich with fiber knots. 

  1. Categories of rugs:

Discovering rugs online is not that easy; it takes a lot of your time and energy to find interesting, reliable, comfortable flooring material at affordable prices along with the lowest shipping. But most of the times, when you opt for rugs shopping online, they are usually categorized into 4 categories such as:

  1. Style:

Rugs are categorized by style based on the pattern imprinted on them. The intrinsic print which is crafted on them by the designer marks the style of the rug. There are various styles available at online rug stores from where you can easily select a beautiful and charming rug according to your aesthetic sense. It’s all up to your ideas and your demands when it comes to such artistic interior choices. There are detailed images provided by the online stores at their websites that facilitate you while choosing a stylish rug for your living space. 

Here is the list of styles available at the Online Rug Store:

  1. Abstract
  2. Traditional 
  3. Geometric
  4. border
  5. Southwestern
  6. Kitchen collection
  7. Stair runners

Talking about designs and patterns, it’s totally up to your requirement and preference when buying any kind of rug from the above-mentioned list. If you wish to give a trendy look to your living room go for abstract style. If you are looking for something classic and vintage you can choose from traditional or geometric style. Keeping in mind the dimensions and corners of your personal space you can opt for border-style rugs. In the same manner, whatever suits your taste, select any innovative design for your kitchen floor and staircase. 

  1. Size:

As it has been mentioned earlier, measurements are the key while purchasing a rug from online rug stores. Online flooring outlets provide sufficient information on the sizes available at their online store. So be specific when you choose the accurate size for the rugs. Don’t get over-excited by the outlook of the image provided online. Your need should be your priority. If you are going to install it in the living room measure the area between your furniture. Different sizes are meant to be installed in different areas of your home. The overall shape of the rug also constitutes its size so you must be clear about the shape of the rug. There are few shapes offered at online rug galleries that mostly include:

  1. Square rugs
  2. Round rugs
  3. Oval rugs
  4. Rectangular rugs
  5. Octagon rugs
  6. Straight runner rugs
  1. Colour:

Choosing color is the most interesting part when you are upgrading the interior of your household. Rugs or any flooring accessory comes with beautiful patterns and textures. There is an amazing collection out there where you can find beautiful and stylish color pallets which go perfectly with your idea of home décor. Usually, dark-toned rugs are preferred as they are more durable and their cleanliness lasts a little longer than the lighter ones. 

Here is the list of shades available at online rug stores: 

  1. Aqua Rugs
  2. Brown
  3. Maroon
  4. Deep red 
  5. Orange
  6. Beige
  7. grey
  8. White 
  9. Yellow etc.
  1. Material:

This is one of the most important decisions you make while purchasing a rug whether online or offline. In this case this is the trickiest part because you are bound to select virtually and you have to rely on the rug gallery. To serve this purpose focus on the material they are offering. There is diversity in the range of materials offered by the rug galleries. Each material serves its purpose. Some rugs are suitable for indoor purposes and some for outdoor. Choosing the right kind of fiber for the right area is significant while installing a rug.

Here is the list of materials available at the online rug stores:

  1. Wool: It is classic but expensive. It’s cozy, durable, and softer than the others. Serves indoor purposes.
  2. Synthetic: it’s durable, inexpensive, and easy to clean but it does have some synthetic odor.
  3. Jute: it’s thick and mostly used for outdoor purposes. It can withstand outside dust and pets. 
  4. Cotton: it’s thin, easy to clean, does not work for warmth purposes but is suitable for indoor settings.


Discovering the most stylish, comfortable, and affordable rug at online rug stores becomes challenging when it is done virtually. But the online rug galleries provide the required information with minute details to facilitate your buying experience. You just have to be careful, intelligent, and creative while choosing the best rug for your household whether it serves indoor or outdoor purposes. Just dig into the categories and make your purchase at one click within an affordable range. Look out for quality and durability rather than a luxury.

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