How Do You Make Fake Tan at Home?

Not all of us liked the white skin color; some of us loved their tan color skin tone. And some people want to get a fake tan skin tone. Because Tan is that color which gives a high classy and gorgeous look. Fake tan skin tone not only gives you a nice flawless look but also builds your self-confidence. It also helps to protect you from UV rays, improves your skin complexion, and radiance with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The sun and the tanning beds are the reason for your damaged skin. Sunless fake tanning products also have a horrible smell with toxic chemicals. And these fake tan products are too expensive so not everyone is able to buy them. So we derived some ideas to make fake tan products at home.

In this article we will discuss some remedy to make your own fake tan color lotion at home. 

 Some benefits of having an own lotion is:

  • You can avoid that weird orange color that comes from mass-produced products.
  • You can manage the right color that you want by changing the ingredients just a little bit.
  • It is not that much expensive
  • This homemade tan lotion does not contain any harsh chemicals.
  • You don’t have to need any expensive ingredients. The ingredients are easily available in our home.
  • You can apply these fake sunless tanned products at any time you want. 
  • It takes few times to make. And you can get the result at a minimum time.

So let’s start the steps:

  1. Sunless tanning lotion with cocoa powder:

This is the simplest fake tanning lotion for making. To make this we need only two ingredients, one is unscented white lotion and another is 100% pure cocoa powder. Before using the cocoa powder check the label that is 100% pure or not.


  • Take a bowl and put ½ cup lotion and 1/3 cup cocoa powder.
  • Mix the ingredients until there are no clumps.
  • Adjust the mixture until you get the color you want. If your skin is darker than the mixture add some cocoa powder until you get the right shade.
  • Smoothly apply the lotion over your entire body.
  • You can use this every day for a natural tan look.


  • Store the lotion in an airtight empty container.
  • You can choose moisturizer lotion but sure that the lotion is oil-free.
  • Exfoliate your skin before applying the lotion.
  • Choose a moisturizer that has skin benefits.
  •  If you want very dark skin, then add more cocoa powder.
  1. Sunless tanning oil with carrots:

Sunless fake tanning oil is better than lotions because there are fewer chances of streaks. Less oil covers your entire body than lotion ounces. Not only that it is easy to spray and rub in after the shower.

To make this you need ¾ gallon of water, 1 pound of unpeeled fresh carrots and 2 cups of brown sugar.


  • Wash the carrots and cut them into small slices.
  • Boil the water. Add that carrots and brown sugar into the boiling water
  • Reduced the heat and simmer for an overall 3 hours.
  • Then turned off the gas and let the oil cool
  • Separate the lumps from the liquid.
  • Pour into a spray bottle. Apply minimum one time in a week.


  • If you want more bang on your buck then used all the strain of carrots and apply it with a little pressure.
  • At the time of applying it, make sure you have no pieces of carrots in the lotion because for the pieces the oil will not properly come out from the spray bottle.
  1. Sunless tanning lotion with tea or coffee:

To make this lotion you can use tea or coffee. Caffeine can tighten your skin from diminishing the arrival of cellulite and wrinkles.  So you can choose any of them but make sure that will be caffeinated type.

To make this lotion you need coffee grounds or caffeinated tea bags and unscented white lotion.


  • If you use coffee add one cup of coffee with a minimum amount of water and brew it. If you use tea then add 3 or 4 family-size tea bags with one cup of water and brew it.
  • Mix the lotion with tea or coffee and shake well. To get a darker tan adds more tea or coffee.
  • Put into the spray bottle and apply when you want.


  • Shake well the mixture before applying.
  • Use once or twice a week for the best result.
  • If you don’t want to use any lotion, you can use only the tea or coffee liquid.
  • Teabags are better than coffee because not everyone likes the smell of coffee.


You can easily make these fake tan lotions to get the ultimate tan color skin or you can rub some olive oil and iodine mix and go for an outdoor trip and get the tan skin. These fake sunless lotions are non-toxic so after use, you don’t feel any rashes or some other skin problems. You just get beautiful flawless tanned skin. These lotions also smell good and you can use these so many times. And the latest news is that it has no cost. 

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