Click-To-Call Service – Convert Web Visitors into Paying Customers

What is Click to Call?

“Click-to-call” is an easy-to-use new-age communication method that enables people to reach out to businesses with just a click. An instant calling widget is embedded on the website or mobile app, which bridges the gap between potential customers and business owners.

Ease of Doing Business With “Click-To-Call”

While browsing a website online, have you ever noticed the “call now” or “click-to-call” prompt? This is an efficient way of increasing the sales of any business model. But what makes it an effective tool in the marketing world? Well, the answer is simple. Technological advancements have made mobile phones an easier option to search for products and services on the go. The click-to-call service enables the customers to directly connect with businesses without incurring any call cost at the customer’s end, which eventually encourages the sales factor and boosts potential lead generation for businesses.

Click-to-call service has proven to be quite useful while using the PPC feature as well. This is a sure-shot way to increase the conversion rates by motivating the target customers to reach out to a live agent in your organization instantly. According to Forrester Research, an American market research company, it has been proven that “click-to-call” holds the power of improving the ROI of a business by up to 143%.

The Importance ofCall-to-Call Widgeton Your Website

A call-to-action holds the utmost significance in the online business world as it encourages potential customers to choose a practical path to connect with a business. This enhances the entire experience and guarantees a boost in the sales of your products and services. Once a person lands on your website, the “click-to-call” widget encourages them to reach out to you and clear out their queries. It is also an efficient way to lock the potential leads and converting them into your customers.

 If you wish to emerge as a solid business model in the digital world, a CTA or call to action on your website is something that you cannot ignore. Even the customers demand this feature as it facilitates their shopping experience.

What makes Click-To-Call aLead Generation Tool?

When a person visits your website and finds your products or services to be of interest, they may come across queries. By adding a “click-to-call” widget, you empower the website / app visitors to find their answers by connecting with you directly. This is a fantastic way to engage potential buyers in your business as there is no need to even remember the phone number and dial it. All they have to do is, enter your mobile number and make a click, and they get connected to you in an instant. It also minimizes an organization’s efforts to handle volumes of customer queries and serves as an efficient and cost-effective way.

Benefits of Click to Call Service

Click-to-call offers multiple benefits for customers, which eventually increases the sales of any business set-up. It is also an effective tool for meeting potential leads for service industry businesses and extending your roots in the market. Let us discuss its benefits, one-by-one.

  • Talk to a real person instantly
  • Make inquiries
  • Enquire about the products and services right away
  • Book your appointments
  • Direct conversations provide you the chance to convert potential leads into customers

Why “Click-To-Call” Is A Highly Preferred Business Tool

This makes “click-to-call” a potential integrated tool to improve the ROI and accelerate the sales chart. You must be mindful to place the widget carefully in a place where it is easily visible to the visitors on your website or mobile app. You must also use it while running ads on Google, as it serves as an efficient way to encourage prospective buyers to connect with you.

Let us look at how the “click-to-call” prompt is beneficial for a business as it serves various advantages.

  • Converts online visitors on your website into potential customers: When a person is checking-out your official website, click-to-call is perfect for helping them find answers to their queries. It also improves the reliability of your brand as the person gets to talk to an actual person instead of getting connected to an automated answering machine.
  • No Need to Memorize Long Digits: Click-to-call minimizes the complexity of remembering phone numbers and the efforts that go into copy-pasting the contact digits from the website. With a click-to-call prompt, a business is just a click away.
  • Maintain a call record: Click-to-call allows businesses to keep track of callers reaching out to them for making inquiries. This data can be quite helpful later on as it allows companies to understand customer’s trends based on various factors, such as geographical locations. It also helps them analyze the demands and curate effective marketing strategies that are sure to give a surge to their sales.
  • Create an impact overseas: A click-to-call prompt diminishes geographical barriers and allows customers from every corner of the world to connect with your business for free. There is no need to worry about international charges or placing codes before making a call. This instant calling prompt enables people throughout the world to connect with you regardless of where they are located.

Improved Customer Relationship Management: Better Chances of Growth

“Click-to-call” feature is an effective way to facilitate sales by improving customer satisfaction. This increases conversion rates by reducing the efforts and time taken by customers to connect with a company. It offers real-time solutions without even having to dial the number.

There are times when a person is interested in your products or services and looking to connect with you. With “click-to-call”, they just need to make a click on their mobile phone, and they are able to talk to you, in person, instantly. This also works wonderfully in increasing your business’s credibility in the market, which results in increased sales and improved brand imaging.

Conclusion In this fast-paced world where everyone wants quick results, click-to-call is a robust tool that gives businesses the power to gain a command over their work model. Every business should use this feature to enhance customer satisfaction and help them gain improved results by converting potential leads into long-term customers by locking the deal over a call.

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