Cleaning a Dirty Glass Bong in Canada and Avoiding Diseases

A bong in Canada is undoubtedly a product that you cannot resist as a veteran, and you can also find a variety of bongs from a bong shop. Among all the bongs, the favorite among bong users is a glass bong.

Glass bong may provide you with the best hits, but it can also make you feel awful. When does it happen? It can happen if you don’t clean it. Smoking a dirty bong is dangerous, so it’s always the right thing to clean it before you use it.

When Can You Find out That You Need to Clean a Glass Bong in Canada?

You will need to look at your glass bong very closely if you are getting an awkward feeling after smoking it. If you see a heavy resin or a disturbing film, or black specks inside your bong, it will not be the right time to blame the cannabis. 

Why? It’s the bacteria that may be causing you the inconvenience while smoking a dirty bong because dirty water is a thing that bacteria prefer. If you don’t want to catch a respiratory disease by smoking a dirty bong, you should clean your bong.

How Much Serious Can Be the Infestation for Your Bong?

The bacteria and pathogens love to reside in the dirty water, and if you see a shiny film appearing on the surface of the water of your bong or any other surface, it means you see a biofilm. The film may be a host of a multitude of types of yeasts, bacteria, and microorganisms. The worst about such a biofilm is that it can form on the surface in around 24 hours (hrs).

Such a surface turns into a playground for microbes like yeast and bacterias once they are provided with enough nutrients and water supply. Consequently, they start making a home for themselves in the bong and your lungs likely. How will it feel if you inhale a bunch of microbes every time you take a hit? Each puff will reinforce the resins, making them harder to clean.

You should also know that the biofilm is antibiotics-resistant because antibiotics can penetrate the film and are difficult to treat diseases it causes. No matter your glass bong looks shiny, it can spoil your smoking experience while making you unhealthy if it’s polluted. You will be at the risk of catching diseases like typhoid, malaria, strep throat, pneumonia, emphysema, cholera, and hepatitis A if you don’t clean the dirty glass bong that you might have purchased from a bong shop. Thus, cleaning a filthy glass bong in Canada should be your utmost priority to feel well after smoking.

How Should You Clean a Glass Bong?

Firstly, you will need some basic things present for you to clean it. You should have water, salt, alcohol, and a cleaning brush available. You can also remember the first letter of the words in the following line to know what you need: We (Water) Should (Salt) Always (Alcohol) Brush (Brush); this is to remember the order in which you should proceed with the cleaning process. Here are the steps:

Step One: Wash Your Bong

Please dispose of the water from your dirty glass bong and wash it several times with hot water. Rinse your bowl and down-stem with hot water too, and place them in a separate plastic bag.

Step 2: Add the Cleaning Solution

You will need to add salt and alcohol to your bong and the plastic bag containing the down-stem & bowl. Let the solution sit for a while with plenty of alcohol, then add more salt.

Step 3: Covering the Openings

Deploy a towel, your hand, and anything else to cover the openings of the bag. Also, tightly seal the plastic bags with the down-stem and bowl.

Step 4: Shake Cautiously

This is the time to shake, but don’t let your bong whacked or dropped so that the salt can do the scrubbing for you.

Step 5: Empty, Rinse and Deploy  

Empty the solution, wash with warm water so that every bit of salt comes out. If some spots remain, keep emptying the solution. Clean the bong with the brush and enjoy smoking a clean bong.

That’s all that you need to do if you don’t want to catch a disease by smoking cannabis from a dirty bong in Canada. However, you may also find various other bongs in a bong shop; still, glass bong remains the favourite of stoners.


If you smoke cannabis using a glass bong and can’t enjoy the smooth hits, it means that your bong has become dirty, and you need to clean it. A biofilm can appear at the surface of your bong if you don’t clean it, which may spread respiratory diseases to you. You can catch some common diseases by smoking a dirty bong, including typhoid, malaria, and strep throat. To clean a glass bong, you will need water, alcohol, salt, and a brush. You can eventually follow the five steps that we have mentioned above to clean your bong with smooth hits.

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