5 Best Self Defense Pocket Knives To Carry

Having the best self defense knives to carry is a great thing as you get to keep yourself secure in the toughest of situations. The knives that you get from this section mainly comprise folding knives, hidden blades, and tactical knives.

Self-defense has become an important skill to acquire in the past few years. The skill is basically a defending skill in which you learn how to protect yourself from trouble makers. You get to learn the skill with weapons and even without them. 

The skill is not new as people from the hunting and gathering society also developed these skills to protect themselves. However, things have changed today, and it has become easier to protect oneself from danger due to the incredible amounts of weapons that exist today.

Out of all weapons, self defense knives turn out to be the best because of the many variants they come in. The other good thing about the knives is that they also assist in other chores. You get to use them in the kitchen, in the wilds, alongside them being used for your safety. 

Types of the Best Pocket Knives for Self Defense

Having the right amount of knowledge on any topic can be a great thing, and the same goes for the best pocket knives for self-defense. You need to know what the different types are meant for, and you also need to know how to use them. Following are some types that you will usually find:

  1. Spring & Manual Knives

Both of the mentioned knives come directly from the family of pocket knives. The only dissimilarity between the two lies in their operating mechanism where the spring ones are automatic in nature and the manual ones work manually. Both knives are folding ones which makes them good for being carried around without anyone knowing. 

2. Karambit Knives

One special type of self defense knife is the karambit. It is a knife that comes with a unique curved blade that looks identical to the claw of a tiger. You can imagine how effective the blade might be due to it being shaped like a claw. The weapon is also great because it is a historical one. It originates from South East Asia where it was first used for cropping. Today, the blade is used for self-defense and is also worn around the neck as a necklace. 

3. Daggers

Many of you may be familiar with daggers. They are big knives that feature bigger and wider blades. The blades they bear are usually double-sided, which means that if your weapon gets damaged from one side, you still get to use it from the other. The weapon is a main military weapon, and the use has been depicted in many movies. If you are someone with a great build, these are the blades to go for. 

4. Military & Tactical Knives

The military and tactical knives are knives that are considered to be the best outdoor action tools. They both have one thing in familiarity that gives them the edge over all other weapons, and that is that they have cuts on their blades that make them tactical in nature. All tasks, including cutting, surviving, self-defense, and hunting can easily be achieved with these fabulous knives in hand. Having one of these will be a good thing as they are quite helpful.

5. Hidden Blades

One of the best collections to look for the best defense knife is the hidden blade collection. The part that amazes people about this collection is that the blades come in forms that are hidden. You will be carrying the blades, but at the same time, no one might be able to judge if you have a weapon on you. 

From this collection, you get to buy the hidden belt knife, which comes in the form of the belt you wear. The hidden knife belt buckle has its blade hidden in the buckle of the belt you wear. Once you spot trouble, you can get into action just by removing your belt. 

The other hidden blade you get is the necklace knife, which is shaped like a necklace. You get to wear it as a necklace, and you also can use it for safety. Boot knives can be hidden in your boots, and the pen knife comes with a hidden blade inside. All hidden blades are the best at keeping your identity a secret. 

Self Defense Knives for Women

Women today have been standing on equal terms with men from all walks of life therefore; it has become equally important for them to keep themselves safe from troubles just the way men do. Just like knives exist for men, you will also find self defense knives for women. 

All types of fancy-looking knives that feature cool designs and engravings on top are good for women as they get to show them off at the same time having the ability to defend themselves. From the designed collection, the rainbow ones are perfect knives to go for. 

The good thing is that the hidden blades collection also offers knives for women. The necklace knife is one example, which is a knife that can be worn as a necklace. When the need arises, you can take off the necklace and can turn it into a knife for self-defense. 

Although any knives can be carried by women, however, these turn out to be the best due to the feminine feel they have. 

How to use a knife for self defense?

People usually get confused when it comes to using the self defense weapon and that is because all knives have a different operating mechanism. Pocket knives are the easiest to use as they involve a push and play feature.

You just need to push a button on top, and your blade will open up. Fixed blades cannot fold, you just need to drag them out of their sheaths, and you will be good to go. Hidden blades operate differently, and that is where most people get confused. 

Hidden blades come in forms that do not look like knives. For using them, you should remove the cover they have on top to reveal the blade. You can then get into the position of defending yourself with the blade in hand. 

Other Things That Can Be Done With the Knives

Knives are an everyday tool that not only assist indoors but also prove to be good for outdoor uses. To begin with, you can use the blades in the kitchen for all kitchen chores. The knives may also come in handy at times for being used in your garage.

Apart from self defense, there are several ways the blades can be used outdoors. You get to enjoy your outdoor adventures as the knives assist a great deal in making you survive longer. They also prove to be good for hunting, eating, and all other outdoor stuff. 

Purchase Your Self Defense Knives Today

With the knowledge given above, it is likely that the best self-defense blades will be in your hand. The best part about the blades is that they come at meager prices so that everyone gets to keep themselves secure. 

You can easily find the blades at online places like Paknives, or if you want, you can go on to shop them from stores near you. Head out and grab the best self-defense knives to carry before it’s too late.

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