5 Absolutely Free Things to do in Yangshuo – Your Budget-friendly Itinerary

Situated in the southern region of Guilin, Yangshuo is a famous travel destination in China for its breathtaking scenic beauty. The city welcomes thousands of tourists each year and the best part is you get so much to do here for free! Though there are a few attractions that will charge you an entrance fee, we got you our best picks for free things to do in Yangshuo. Check them out!

Capture the picturesque Tulong River 

Also called ‘Little Li River’, Yulong River is a tributary of the famous Li River. It is considered the most spectacular area of the vast Li River. You will get to allure the limpid waters, amazing farmlands, and verdant hills around. The specialty of the area is zero urban interference and no modern construction which brings ultimate solace to the travelers trying to unwind from the monotony of busy city life.  

You can enjoy bamboo rafting here for a nominal fee. If you do not wish to spend for bamboo rafting, you can go hiking in the area for free. Alternatively, cycling is a good way to explore the area. Just get a bicycle on rent for a day and go hiking anywhere in the Yulong River area. Spending 20-30 Yuan for renting the bicycle shouldn’t be a problem when you have got cheap flights to Guilin at iEagle

If you are on a group tour, the tour guide will take you to a local’s house to give you a glimpse of their daily lifestyle. This is going to be an experience that will stay with you for long 

Watch the Moon Hill from a distance

Situated only 8 kilometers south of Yangshuo, Moon Hill is a giant rocky hill having a round hole in the center measuring 50 meters in height and 50 meters in width. You will see stalactites growing under the arch of the moon-shaped hole and the interesting part is noticing the various stages of the moon visible at different angles of the hole. You can see the stages from new moon to half-moon to full moon while looking at the hill from different angles. If you want to climb the hill, you might be charged a particular amount but to witness this natural marvel, you need not spend a penny. Just go to the nearby Yueling village and enjoy the view from a distance. 

Understand the local culture better at Yangshuo Park

Located close to Yangshuo Bus Station and not very far from the popular West Street, Yangshuo Park is a great place to have a clear picture of the locals in the city. You will see groups of people chilling in the park in their suitable ways like dancing, exercising, or unwinding the day’s stress over a game of badminton. 

There are small hills inside the boundaries of the park which you can climb easily in just 10 minutes. It will be a fun thing to do in Yangshuo, plus a gorgeous view of the town and hills in Yangshuo awaits you atop!

Explore the Xingping Ancient Town and its beautiful surroundings

Situated 25 kilometers from Yangshuo, on the east of Li River, the Xingping Ancient Town has hidden more than 1300 years of history behind its great architecture of the Ming dynasty. You will come across exquisite wood carving that dates back to over 500 years ago and the ancient town of Xingping is a proud protector of the spectacular scenic beauty of the area. If you will see the back of a 20 Yuan note, there’s a picture of the mountains that is settled on the edge of Xingping ancient town.

By the riverside, there’s the Yellow Cloth Shoal and Nine Horses Mural Hill which are also a part of the scenic area of the marvelous ancient town. It will take you only a nominal fare of 10 Yuan to reach Xingping via bus. You can get a bus from the Yangshuo Bus Station and it will take you around 40 to 50 minutes to reach the ancient town of Xingping from Yangshuo. 

See the blend of old and new at the West Street  

Situated in the center of Yangshuo is West Street, the 8 meters wide and 517 meters long area paved with flagstones informing the shape of the letter ‘S’ along its length. The buildings on the street sides are typically built in Southern Chinese architectural style and half of the street are is lined with bars, hotels or restaurants, and retail stores. So, if you want to collect some amazing souvenirs for your people back home, this is the right place to visit in Yangshuo. If you want, you can just have some snacks in the street without spending much on shopping. The take is yours!

We hope you can now plan a perfect trip to Yangshuo in the budget by including these free things to do in Yangshuo, China. Enjoy your time in China.

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