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How 5g Will Impact Smart Homes?

Over the last two decades, technology has really come a long way. 4G is the most widely used cellular technology at present.

However, according to tech companies, 5G will revolutionize the current speed and take it to a whole other level. It has yet to be rolled out on a global level.

5g network tecnology

What exactly is 5G though? 5G is basically a form of a cellular network, but what revolutionizes the 5G technology is that it enables users to connect with everyone and almost everything, for example, objects, devices, and machines quite seamlessly and quicker.

Speed is the most significant factor that is associated with 5G connectivity. The speed with 5G connections can go up to 15- 30Gbps.

With this kind of speed, users will be able to access files, applications, and other devices without having to wait for more than a few seconds.

With 5G smart home devices are in for a whole other game-changing level of connectivity.

5G And Smart Home Devices

Since our households are continuously using Wi-Fi connectivity, and since there are multiple electronic and smart devices connected all at once – including that desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and innumerable smart devices, that obviously puts a strain on the Internet and also affects its connectivity and speed.

With smart devices such as smart locks and smart cameras, having a weak internet connection can be detrimental to the safety of your smart homes or when the internet is patchy because then smart devices take a little too long to respond or carry out the task.

The same thing can happen with your voice assistant or the smart thermostat when you ask it to reduce the temperature or when you are left in the dark after commanding for your smart bulb to turn on.

Experiences like these can make the user annoyed and think of their investment as useless.

However, with the introduction of 5G technology, these connectivity issues can be close to being negligible, with super speed and fast response rates.

Current smart devices ultimately rely on internet connectivity to be able to communicate with you as well as connect with the other devices they are synced to.

If you have a patchy internet connection, then becoming annoyed by a video that’s continuously lagging and blaming the smart devices you’ve bought isn’t that uncommon.

We would obviously first tend to think there is something wrong with either the device or the Wi-Fi.

Here are some selective smart devices that will benefit from a faster, more reliable internet connection and play a significant role in making your house feel more connected and safer. All with the help of 5G technology!

Smart Video Doorbells

Smart Video Doorbells are the smart alternative to regular doorbells and video intercoms; with an HD camera installed inside these doorbells, your house will feel all the more safe, even after dark hours.

But, if you are dealing with unreliable technology and slow speeds, the recorded video footage can go amiss at the wrong time.

With 5G internet connectivity, missing even a second of the footage is close to impossible, even if you have ten other smart devices hooked up in your house.

These doorbells will easily and speedily send you alerts directly to your smartphone once the doorbell has been pressed or if it detects any motion within its parameter.

Additionally, with smart AI technology, video doorbells are also able to determine the differences between a person, object, or animal.

The speakers and microphone installed in these devices can effortlessly help you communicate with the person online, and with facial recognition technology even alert you who the person outside is!

The remote access to the device is what sets it apart from the regular doorbells; access the video footage straight from your smartphones and tablets, at any time and from anywhere!

Smart Cameras

Home Security is an essential aspect for homeowners. Smart cameras can help users feel at peace while they are at home or away, knowing that they have access to knowing what goes on inside as well as outside their home 24/7.

However, with unreliable technology, the ‘loop’ that they are kept in can be broken with glitches in the video footage or unresponsiveness from the camera.

With 5G technology, however, that issue is eliminated since it provides you with exceptional speed and a reliable connection.

By providing its users with crystal clear HD quality video, and AI technology being able to determine the difference between vehicles and objects, smart cameras ensure the safety of your loved ones and your home.

Since smart cameras depend on Wi-Fi connectivity to store and record footage, having reliable internet connectivity becomes crucial to maintaining your home security. 5G tech will be able to do just that!

These cameras aren’t just made for outside surveillance but can be utilized to monitor indoor activity as well.

Smart cameras are made for recording indoor activity too, like watching over your children, elderly individuals, or just communicating with your pets while you’re away for work all day.

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants are one of the most common smart home devices that are used in American households.

Voice Assistants have now become the go-to device for all our requests, whether it is controlling other smart devices around the home, listening to a specific song, or helping users list down their reminders for the coming week.

However, with unreliable speed and bad connections, the user experience becomes close to zero, eventually causing people to get annoyed rather than satisfied.

With 5G connectivity, these issues won’t be a problem; Alexa won’t have to keep reconnecting to the internet and can instead respond to you right away!

Final Thoughts

5G technology is meant to make internet connectivity smoother and more seamless.

Think 4G but much, much better! And of course, having a 5G internet connection can make it easier to turn your home into a smart home, as well as control all the smart devices present within the premises!

If you’re looking to invest in some smart home devices for your home, head on over to FirstEnergy’s website today.

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